Twenty Brand Design by Euroluce – Light of Italy at the 30th International Lighting Exhibition

Twenty Brand Design by Euroluce – Light of Italy at the 30th International Lighting Exhibition.
Michele Losito: “This success encourages us to move forward with innovation and design”

With the conclusion of the 30th edition of the International Lighting Exhibition in Milan, it is time to take stock. The results were particularly positive for Euroluce – Light of Italy which had presented, along with their classic collections, their new Twenty Brand Design, a brand that was launched to celebrate twenty years of activity after promoting the NEWNOW.19 contest.
The competition, which saw young designers and design firms prove themselves in the frontline stage for setting new trends for lighting objects, has been the testing ground to explore new markets and new style trends.

“We have taken up the challenge of renewal by bringing in young designers to work on projects with our design studio,” according to CEO Michele Losito, “and I think the results speak for themselves judging by the rewarding feedback we received during the recent Lighting Exhibition held in Milan in April. The objects designed by Daniel Becker from Berlin, and by Alberto Ghirardello and the Sovrappensiero design firm, both from Milan, have received such acclaim that it encourages us to continue in this direction and focus on innovation and design.”

“We were flattered,” Losito went on to say, “by the positive reception we had from architects, interior designers and technicians who visited our booths and showed great interest in the new creations of Twenty Brand Design and, more generally, in our collections. We were convinced that succeeding to put objects and energy in relation with human beings and starting a reflection on light and on the relationship with the materials and form, we would have had the opportunity to open up new markets satisfying, at the same time, the modern requirements of taste and style.”

“These data are very encouraging. There were almost a thousand visitors,” Losito concluded, “including companies, designers, professional technicians and retailers who stopped by our exhibition space. A very diverse audience from all over Europe but also from India, China, USA and Asia that allows us to program intensive marketing activities in new areas and new markets.”