Domenico Fasanella


“For me a dream that comes true”

Michele Losito


“I wish I could touch the light, but I can’t. I can only admire its beauty”

Emanuella Fasanella

Admin manager

“I count, not because I count”

Manuel Losito

Area Manager

“I look to the future with an eye to the past.”

Teresa Erminio

Export office

“The translator is the author's psychoanalyst”

Antonio Moscatelli

Italy sales manager

“Innovation has to be part of our culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don't keep up we're in trouble”

Gianfranco Lomonte

Italy sales manager - Administration

“In the right shade of light, everything becomes amazing”

Franco Di Giulio

Purchase manager

“My work is your decoration”

Nunzia Acquaviva

Head of Design department

“I’m a designer: I translate ideas, sudden inspirations, needs and desires into matter.”

Leonardo Schifino

Design department

“Study, research, development and skills go a long way. That's where I want to get.”

Dalila Leonetti

Design department and Social Media

“Working to the beat of the music, even cropping becomes a piece of cake”

Teresa Deflorio

Design department

“A good project only comes to life when form is in balance with function”

Riccardo Fasanella

Production manager

“Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success”

Valeria Fasanella

Shade department

“Through our hands we reflect the light within each of us.”

Arcangelo Tritta

Quality and packaging

“Packaging is our business card”

Alberto Di Giovanni

Production department

“I don't like things done well, I love perfection in doing them”

Sandro Di Serio

Production department

“Quality light requires safety: your safety is my smile”

Francesco Paradiso

Warehouse department

“The future is created by setting goals: achieve them and look at the next ones to overcome”

Mauro Mancini

Quality and packaging

“Quality check is my specialty. What comes to you cannot pass me by unnoticed”

Vincenzo Carapellese

Production department

“I take care of every electrical connection so that it can become light and illuminate your homes”

Savino Amorese


“Work is my passion. Making matter take shape to turn it into light is my work”

Riccardo Leone


“Working and doing things quietly and neatly is the right way to aim for success”

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