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The reasons
behind our success

Ours is a story of passion for the Italian manufacturing sector, right since the start, when we were just a small but dynamic and innovative company working in the lighting sector and making light fittings. That passion is renewed day by day, and is confirmed by the success of the new collections and by decades of loyalty of our clients, who are also our friends. But the real secret to our success is linked to the human factor and to the extensive know-how that our craftsmen, technicians and creative staff have succeeded in building. If our collections pulse with light, if light goes beyond being a technical element to arouse emotions, if light fittings are ambassadors of beauty, if suspension lights, wall lights, standard lamps and spots have a soul, then it is to them that we must be grateful.

Michele Losito_ceo
Riccardo Fasanella_production manager
Emanuella Fasanella_admin manager
Gianfranco Lomonte_sales manager
Antonio Moscatelli_export office
Teresa Erminio_export office
Pierandrea Di Gioia_export office
Nunzia Acquaviva_design department
Leonardo Schifino_design department
Domenico Pizzolorusso_admin

Euroluce is the expression of centuries of Italian tradition for the harmony of things done well. The designers and architects that work in the design department and at Studio In Project are committed to conveying shape to light, often anticipating style trends, with a creativity that enhances its formal rigour. Starting with the basic idea, we progress to the actual project itself, the feasibility study and selection of materials. The suggestions of masters of art and cooperation with craftsmen inspire both indications related to details and the fine-tuning of prototypes which are then subject to strict tests before the models enter into production. We also create projects that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers, always taking into consideration factors like the architecture of the light and the settings in which it is going to be used, the reference market, safety, energy savings, automation and domotics.

The numbers
of our work


Light fittings
sold in 2017


Members of production
and office staff


Pieces of crystal
used up to now




Euroluce clients
all over the world




sales channel

of a passion

Browse between dates and discover our story.

  1. Establishment as a small, family-run company.

  2. Presentation of the company at national trade fairs and creation of the Italian sales network. Euroluce is a Swarovski certified company.

  3. Expansion of production and of workforce. First participation in Macef, Milan.

  4. Creation of the foreign sales network: Europe and Russia. First participation in the Euroluce international trade fair, Salone del Mobile di Milano.

  5. Inauguration of the in-house design department and expansion of the network of cooperations, working exclusively with Italian craftsmen.

  6. The first Euroluce store opens in Kiev. This is followed by more single-brand stores in Moscow and Almaty. Inauguration of the new company headquarters, powered by renewable energy, with offices and production.

  7. The classic Euroluce line has a new institutional catalogue. A new, more contemporary and versatile line is born.

  8. Euroluce renews its image. The restyling of the brand opens up a new era, made up of success and important achievements.

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